Welcome to the Swiss Rifle Club Cape Town

The Swiss Rifle Club Cape Town was established in 1949 by Swiss Nationals living in Cape Town. The club was formed to allow the Swiss residents in Cape Town to participate in the annual Swiss Shooting programs. Most of the programs that the SRC shoots in Cape Town are the exact same as those shot by the Swiss Nationals living in Switzerland. 

The scores and records of the SRC members are sent to and captured in Switzerland annually. These records are then processed and recorded by the Shooting Club Fraternity of Switzerland. All the relevant prizes and certificates that individual club members scores achieve, are then sent to these members from Switzerland to South Africa. 

There are Swiss Rifle Clubs all over the world and they all participate in the same way. When one becomes a member of an affiliated Swiss Rifle Club, one becomes a member of one of the biggest rifle clubs in the world. South Africa has 3 SRC’s. Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban.

There are a variety of different people who join the SRC and as such there are those with extensive knowledge of the Swiss Shooting Programs and others who have absolutely no idea of how the programs work, or what the rules and requirements are. 

This document has been drafted in order to bring clarity around the various programs and disciplines of the events that are held. To start with we need to look at what weapons are used by the club.

Further Information:

Chairman / Präsident:
Dierk Lüthi

Secretary / Aktuar:
Eric Fraser

Treasurer / Kassier:
Marcel Matusik
+27 82 650 0662